OK. You Win. We're Bringing News Back. Sort Of.

By James Hawkins in Misc Nonsense
Wednesday, November 23, 2011 at 8:00 am
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We've heard some great feedback from our lovely readership as of late. And because we love you all (hell, we all write for you), we want you to know that your voices have been heard. We're going to be bringing back news items for you to enjoy. But there's a catch. You're going to need to hear me out.

It isn't going to be ten items a day. What I'm personally going to try to do in re-inject a bit of news and gaming trends back into our daily routine. Expect only the shit we think is important, and expect it every day but not every hour. I've come to realize that we need a balance, and that once that balance is struck, we'll make more and more people happy.

So, starting later today, we will be reviving some news for you. Breaking stuff will always be found here, and things that we come across that we feel are particularly relevant. Don't expect to hear about the new Portal 2  stuffed plushies that some obscure site is hocking. Expect to hear about how the new indie game by PlayDead is leaking details, and how that is going to impact us.

Cheers, and good on you for keeping with us as we transition. Thanks, and good day. 

Hawkins out.
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