"Big Tuesdays" Are A Double-Edged Sword

By James Hawkins in Features, Game Talk/Community
Tuesday, November 1, 2011 at 11:00 am
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To kick off this week, we have a guest column by Divisionary legend, Benjamin Wallen (aka Ben-Jamin). He's been a guest columnist and featured commenter here before, and his post will signify the start of what we hope to be a great many guest features by our fabulous readership.

Tuesday Afternoon -

It's this day that I dread the most. The day a big, life-changing, epic new game comes out. Most hardcore gamers run to their stores-of-choice to grab their pre-orders, or eagerly await the UPS guy to show up with their launch day game -- wrapped in glorious yellow packaging and bubble wrap. I find myself right along with them. Until I get home.

I came back to my desk to find those yellow envelopes sitting on my desk. Batman: Arkham City and Battlefield 3 sitting, ready to be pop'd open and grind'd on all night. I toss them in my bag so I don't leave them here and count the hours as they get closer and closer to 5, wondering what will be played first. Considering where I used to be as a gamer, I am no where near as bad now as I once was.

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Halo 2, 3, Reach, MW2, Black Ops, and GTA IV all had me up at 11:59 the night before, in line at Best Buy with every other gaming junkie out there, looking for that next good fix. I even took off the next day of work so my gaming sessions could keep raging all night. I approached it like a drug. Because to some, and including myself, it is. I fiend -- fiend -- for a new game often. One that will excite me, hook me, never bore me, and still challenge me. Even last night, as I got home very late from visiting my Ma, I surfed the XBL marketplace for a new fix.

I checked arcade games, on demand games I may have missed or even indi titles from time to time. Although I know some are great, I need polish and shine. I go to purchase Renegade Ops and Crysis to no avail. My old credit card is my default and the new one gives me an error. Son of A B! I say. Being a technician I give it the ole reboot but to no avail. So I sit. I sit there thinking, shit, what am I going to play now.

I look over at the stacks of games I have all over the place. One has older sports titles, Fifa 09-11, Red Dead, BioShock 1 and 2, Deus Ex, Gears 3 and more. All new games, all different pluses and minuses for me. Yet I don't play any. I stare, I look around some more, I find nothing. All I can think about is tomorrow the 25th where BF3 comes out.

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Today I am but a few hours away. My game plan for the night is BF3 until my buddies come over for our Tuesday dart night at our local watering hole in the Inner Sunset. I know that my room needs a bit of picking up, my clothes from the weekend trip to see Neil Young's Bridge school benefit are still packed in my bag. Yet all I want to do is play BF3. I want to grab my glass piece of choice, cold brew, and sit in my big-ass chair and relax. Shoot some tangos and laugh as I tear walls out from middle east deserts and save team mates from certain tank death. Yet, I don't do that.

I go start picking up my room. I then notice my new credit card I need to activate, then I have the bathroom which could use a quick sort, talk with the roommate, call the old lady, EVERYTHING but what I really want to do. Play games.

I find it harder and harder on launch day to sit down with my $65 dollar investment and ignore the world and ingulf myself in this digital world. My bones ache for it, my eyes want the sting of staring at a screen for too long. I want to change the batteries at least once in my crappy official rechargeable cradle. I crave it, but yet I don't play.

Am I growing out of my gaming love? I still read the blogs every day, watch trailers, and I will put plenty of time into BF3 and other games I buy on launch day. But my Day 1 craze seems to be dying out.

Do any gamers ever feel this way? Is it a product of my 28th year on the planet? Am I losing the hype mojo?

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