Zombie In A Penguin Suit Short Film Is A Thing Of True Beauty

By James Hawkins in Fan Art
Tuesday, October 18, 2011 at 12:00 pm
This little short film -- directed by Chris Russell -- is incredibly good. I mean, it is part of my job to stay savvy, on point, and current, so I watch dozens of these things a month. And Zombie in a Penguin Suit might just be my favorite to date. The name says it all about the plot, but the whole thing is much more profound.

The only problem I have here is that this video inherently has nothing to do with video games. So, I'm going to make it about video games. To justify posting it. I want you to watch it and ask yourself this question: If it weren't for that beautiful Dead Island trailer that took the gaming world by storm, would this thing even exist?

The answer is: it doesn't matter. I'll let you watch it. The similarities will be apparent from three seconds in. But I like it that way -- I still listen to the Dead Island trailer music all the time, and it still gives me shivers. So, I'm happy to see that same beauty can be harnessed inside a camera lens. And delivered for us to enjoy.

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