The iFrogz Mogul Headset Contest: Your Winner!

By Jeremy M. Zoss in Contest
Monday, October 10, 2011 at 9:00 am
Black Mogul2.jpg
Rock out!
On Friday, we gave you fine folks the chance to win a Mogul headset from iFrogz. All you had to do is tell us what you're currently rocking out to. How easy is that? 

One of you is a lucky winner. However, this picture of the headset to the right is pretty large, and I hate leaving white space in posts, so I'm gonna need to stall for a bit. So, for no particular reason, here are some of the lyrics to Minneapolis rap crew Doomtree's track "Game Over."

Welcome to the future! / Rap won't save you! / Can you hear that? / RAP WON'T SAVE YOU! / You want the truth? / You can't 
handle the truth / You want Phantom sun-roofs, Armadale 80 proof / From shake to shook to shuck / from cake to cook to cluck 
No hustling backwards / that's the labor of luck / Gander back / holla front / Fuck a Mack of the Month / Where the Zag? / Roll 
the blunt and chill the fuck out (chill) / But you better / chunk 'em up doggy / sweep the leg Johnny / what it do whoady? / Hit 'em 
up homey / Get 'em up off me / Walk away talking shit and acting cocky / He ain't gon' harm me / Bob Marley / better off kicking 
rocks with his army / Wet 'em up OG / simmer down Rudy / settle back mommy / saddleback booty / I'm a Dogtown b-boy / low 
on the see-saw / from the shore to the sea floor / De la Doom (huh?) / from the Tree (oh!) / oak medallions (what?) / No bling. 

Okay, that's enough of that. Onto the winner!

All right, without further stalling, your winner (chosen at random) is...

Gil, who is currently listening to Oingo Boingo. Nice!

Congrats, Gil! Send your address to and we'll get you your prize!
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