Kill Screen Is A Hot Little EP You Should Get Your Hands On

By James Hawkins in Fan Art
Wednesday, October 12, 2011 at 5:00 pm
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So, a few days ago, I got an email from this guy Mark Dago. It basically said this, and I'm paraphrasing:

"I am Mark Dago. I'm from Salt Lake City, Utah. I make music. This is my second EP. Give it a listen -- it has a foundation in that chippy Nerdcore style that is loaded with nostalgia, but I've tried to make it more than just familiar. I've made it fresh. I think you might dig it."

I was intrigued. I absolutely fall for the creative people out there who use the internet to circulate and propagate their art. In my nearly two years of video game blogging, I've seen and heard a lot of impressive people doing impressive things inspired by video games. Dago, from what I've heard on this sub-20 minute EP called Kill Screen, falls right in line.

Now, I'm not going to pretend that video game inspired hip hop is something I know a lot about. I usually like my rap from New York in the mid-1990s. But hip hop in general is something that I know a lot about. And I know that rappers almost never put together cohesive albums anymore. Big Boi did it last year with Sir Lucious Left Foot. I think before that, it had been fifteen years since a thing like that happened.

But that was the first thing I noticed about the Fisch produced Kill Screen. Besides staying within the NES-sound genre, each track flows pretty smoothly into the next. Sequence is huge when it comes to putting together a rap album. Dago offered two songs as attachments in his email, but I went straight to his Bandcamp site and gave it a listen cover to cover. Because that's how you experience these kinds of things.

Now, if you're just looking for a sampler of tracks. I recommend the first real track (2, after the intro) -- called Robostar -- to give you a tough look at what this dude is all about. Its hard and the beat kicks. After that, make sure to check out Dynamite Punch. It is probably the catchiest track on the slate.

So, take this as my endorsement. Creativity in the video game community is one of the things that makes it great. And one of the reasons I love blogging. Head to the Bandcamp site and give Kill Screen a few spins. I've had a great time trying to follow Dago's nimble rhymes and punchlines. I'm sure you will, too.

Download the full album here.

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