Batman: Arkham City Strategy Guide Is A Thing Of Beauty

By Jeremy M. Zoss in Hands-on
Wednesday, October 26, 2011 at 9:00 am
ac hardcover.jpg
​I don't own a lot of strategy guides, but BradyGames' Batman: Arkham City limited edition guide makes me understand why some gamers go nuts for these books.

This weighty hardcover book showed up at JD Central the other day, and man is it ever gorgeous. Not only does it walk you through all the story missions, side missions, challenges and achievements/trophies in the game, it also gives you gorgeous images and bios of all the characters (well, sometimes not so gorgeous, if you're talking about most of the villains), a preview of the tie-in graphic novel, a set of numbered lithographs and a pull-out centerfold of Catwoman and Harley Quinn. In short, it's a fully loaded package.

Here's a look at some of the goodies, including both covers. 

ac guide bonus.jpg
It's tough to talk about a strategy guide without talking about the story elements it gives away (that's it's purpose, after all), but even if you don't want to ruin the gameplay experience, it's still packed with strategies, gadget guides and pretty much every tidbit of helpful information you can think of. It walks you through the changes in the New Game+ mode, for example. It lays out info on every gadget in the game. It has the answer to every Riddler challenge. In short, it's got everything. 

ac hardcover 2.jpg
Oh, and did I mention that this is one gorgeous book? Well, it is. It retails for $35, but it's available now on Amazon for just over $20. If you're nuts about Batman or Arkham City, this is one collector's item we highly recommend. 

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