Arkham City Trailer Shows Off Nightwing and his Skills.

By Alexander Bevier in Gaming News, Videos
Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 2:00 pm
Batman: Arkham City's out and the Dark Knight is punching every single person there (sometimes twice), but the people at Rocksteady are still hard at work making trailers to get to us shelling out more money for their surefire Game of the Year contender.

The Nightwing DLC is now due for a November 1 release, and how will anyone know if they want to buy it if there isn't a nifty video showing off all the cool things Nightwing does? I certainly don't have an answer, so there's a trailer after the jump to check out. This should help anyone make an educated decision about what to with 560 Microsoft Points.

We love the Batman DLC because playing more Arkham City is cool, but non of these guys really expand the game the same way Catwoman did. It's not like we're complaining. The additional challenge maps are cool, but we want to see with Nightwing would really do in a ghetto like Arkham City.

Additonally, the Animated Series skins are goofy, but strangely awesome. Thanks for bringing back Dick Grayson's mullet. We're sure he was missing it.
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