Arkham City: Nightwing Allegedly Playable In DLC

By Alexander Bevier in Rumor Column
Monday, October 3, 2011 at 3:00 pm
Catwoman's playable, Robin's downloadable, and now Nightwing is joining the Dark Knight in his quest to spread justice all over the anarchy of Arkham City. 

PS3Trophies posted the trophy list for Batman: Arkham City, and two special prizes are reserved for those who earn several medals in "Nightwing Bundle Packs." At the time of this writing, Warner Brothers and Rocksteady have not confirmed the character's presence in the game. But this list certainly makes us wonder if he'll be a DLC character.

There have been rumors that a fourth playable character will be in the upcoming game--due October 18. Could Nightwing be this character?
Nightwing is the alter-ego of Dick Grayson. He took on the name when he outgrew his role as the original Robin and wanted to go out as his own hero. Nightwing has done his share of solo superhero-ing, and has also served as the leader of the Teen Titans, among other things.

Nightwing Arkham City Rumor.png.jpeg

Batman: Arkham City is due for release on October 18. We'll have a review up of this game as soon as possible. Every little detail of this game makes it look even better. Here's a trailer to justify our claims.

See, we don't lie here.

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