The Darkness II Trailer Is Soaked In Ink And Blood

By James Hawkins in New Releases
Tuesday, September 27, 2011 at 3:00 pm
darkness 2.jpg
The Darkness
was a pretty nifty little title that never totally took off the way a lot of 2K games do. But it delighted enough people, critics included, to get itself a sequel. And with sequels come a lot of stylish trailers.

This Darkness II trailer is told in a little bit of a graphic novel fashion. It vaguely spoils some big plot points, but its content is soaked in that dark, ghoulish vibe that made the first game stand out. It is black and bloody and kind of emo. But, it is an original trailer, and those are the ones we don't see often enough.

Expect this one to be a hit come February 2012. It will be one of the first AAA titles to drop next year. XCOM is just after that. And as BioShock Infinite has no release date yet, the release of a 2K FPS in February and in March means that Infinite is going to be a long ways off. Publishers don't typically stack that many big names on top of one another. 

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