Fox News Attacks SimCity Societies, Fate of the World for Being Educational

By Alexander Bevier in Videos
Thursday, September 8, 2011 at 3:00 pm
Fox News' video game coverage is often inaccurate and overlooks the benefits of the interactive medium. It misrepresents games like Gears of War or Bulletstorm as being made for children instead of acknowledging that they're geared for adults. In their most recent attempt to discuss video games, however, they're actually talking about educational games that are beneficial to kids. 

The game SimCity Societies was attacked on a recent episode of Fox and Friends. Conservative talk radio host TJ McCormack accused the game of advancing a "liberal agenda" because players have to build eco-friendly towns or face a fineClearly games are trying to insidiously brainwash our children into caring about the environment.

It gets better though. McCormack has a lot to say on the matter, and it looks like his head's about to pop off. Watch the video after the jump.

It doesn't seem like McCormack plays many games. No sir. However, McCormack does briefly talk about how players can build nuclear power plants. In other words, there is some inherit choice and consequence in the game, but Fox News is too busy being concerned about the liberal media making children environmentally conscience instead of teaching kids about the benefits of exploring eco-friendly options in a safe, virtual space. McCormack must prefer learning from his mistakes once they can't be rectified; like his flapping mouth.

So where is the good in this video? These two men clearly don't understand that games can be used for educational benefit, and they also don't comprehend that people beyond children are playing games. I--for one-- probably wouldn't sit a 6-year old down with Fate of the World. It's a great game that should be played and discussed, but the vast amount of text and overall tone of the game is made for a much more mature audience.

Still, Fox News mentioned Fate of the World as a game that discusses economical and environmental issues. It's also one of those games that didn't have a marketing budget, but managed decent press from critics and fans. We recommend it, despite what McCormick has to say.

Additionally, there's more footage of games that aren't SimCity: Societies  of Fate of the World in this clip. Last we checked, Modern Warfare two doesn't have anything to do with being environmentally conscience. 
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