70,000 People Crammed Into PAX Prime This Year

By Garrett Martin in Gaming News, PAX 2011
Thursday, September 1, 2011 at 8:30 am
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Despite vocal support from certain members of Joystick Division, PAX East is no longer the PAX to beat, at least attendance-wise. PAX Prime has reclaimed that prize thanks to a larger, sweatier, and more undulating mass of game fans, shameless costume enthusiasts, and the mustachioed men that love (or at least leer creepily at) them.

According to Neowin.net, PAX organizer Robert Khoo revealed that last weekend's PAX Prime 2011 drew roughly 70,000 attendees. That's slightly more than the 69,500 that ponied up for this spring's PAX East, and over twenty times more attendees than the original PAX back in 2004. At this rate PAX will eventually subsume the entire population of the United States by 2037, exactly as Alex Jones warned us.
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