5 Kinect Fails That Will Make You Cringe, Laugh or Chide

By Rich Shivener in Lists!
Monday, September 26, 2011 at 11:00 am


Kinecting Stupidity.



The Kinect for Xbox 360 turns one in November. For some gamers, it's lauded as the most sophisticated motion capture device in gaming.

For others, it's a fail waiting to happen.

Whether they're on the series or tubes or not, gamers have gotten out of control with their beloved devices, slapping people, kicking cats, breaking household items and more -- all of which are fodder for blooper reels and Top 5 lists like this one. ​

5) Kinect and a Ladder: 


We're told this is scripted, save for the way he landed on his back. Jackass tryouts ended a while ago, guys. 

4) Kinect and a Flying Cat: 


Cats are known for getting in the way, just like dogs. This one now has, oh, 7 lives, and a deep hatred for Kinect Sports. It's a good actor.

3) Kinect and a Slap: 


We don't need to see this more than once. The slap is LOUD. Phew.

2) Kinect and an Elbow to the Face: 


There is no Achievement for elbowing in the face. Yet.

1) Get Kinected - Kitnect Accidents Remix: 


The remix has a variety of Kinect fails, including boxing, head banging and some more child slapping.

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