Trials Evolution Gameplay Video From PAX Prime 2011 Is Here

By James Hawkins in Gaming News, PAX 2011
Wednesday, August 31, 2011 at 2:00 pm
Trials-Evolution-Logo-525x295 (250 x 140).jpg
I had a long discussion with a friend at PAX Prime 2011, over beers and calamari, concerning the games that really revolutionized and championed the popularization of Xbox Live Arcade. Shadow Complex was a definite first to come up. Trials HD was a quick second. The game was fuckin' hard and fabulously entertaining, and turned eyes toward the oft-neglected portion of the Xbox Live interface.

I loved it. And I love that, unlike many of those similar titles, the Trials crew is bringing us a second iteration. This time, we get an even more lush and magnificent world to explore, with tougher obstacles and courses to navigate. You know the drill -- hit it!

At PAX Prime 2011 and Gamescom, Trials Evolution had a small set-up for people to try it out on. Sadly, in my expo-craze, I didn't get a chance to nab a video. But the game is awesome looking, and definitely sets the bar for downloadable titles. It will release later this year, exclusively for the Xbox 360. And it will knock out full multiplayer, co-op and competitive. How do you like that?

I've poached a video from YouTube which showcases the monstrous world and incredible visuals of the game. Enjoy it.

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