Top Ten Mustaches at PAX 2011

By Alexander Bevier in PAX 2011
Wednesday, August 31, 2011 at 4:00 pm
This man wasn't at PAX, but look at that fine thing!
PAX is a community event. It's all about gamers of any age, race, and creed getting together and talking about how excited they are for the next year of bountiful ludic experiences. 

Sometimes, the community comes together in other ways. For example, members of the Penny Arcade forum trade buttons with each other during the convention. Other people, however grow mustaches.

We aren't sure if this mustache craze was planned, but there were countless staches at PAX this year. I mean, there was even a company selling mustache monocles for those feeling left out! We've compiled a list of the ten best mustaches at the Penny Arcade Expo.
Here, we have a fake mustache. But this mustache managed to not only put Harley Quinn behind bars, but also got him one fine job as a commissioner. After all, has there ever been a commissioner without a stache?

9: We loved this guys fancy upper-lip follicles. They weren't waxed at all, but he still proudly brought his mustache to the greatest gaming convention ever. This has earned him a spot among these sacred ranks.

8: Sure, they aren't real mustaches, but do you know how hard it is for a zombie to grow facial hair? These guys walked around the expo hall and danced around to disco music. It made the convention, and they made my mustache list.

7: This guy over here isn't just a fine mustache fan, but also freelance writer Jeffrey Matulef. Look for his work on the internet, but come here for his facial hair.

6: And here we have Luigi. He gets the points for the fancy stache over his brother because this guy doesn't seem to have a face under that hair. It's just a thick, black manhair wearing a green cap.

5: This man doesn't even have a mustache, but look at that beard! I mean, that thing probably has a series of little mustaches growing inside of it. After years of research, we've learned that beards are essentially chin mustaches. Therefore, he's on the list. Additionally, he wouldn't let me take a picture unless I was in the shot with him. He gave me a little beard for the photo so I don't feel sad next to his.

4 and 3: Imagine being at a convention where two guys with wondrous mustaches are walking around together. PAX is that kind of convention. These two dudes complete their stache with those nifty, pointy beards. We like men with Van Dykes.

2: This guy made me realize how odd it is to talk up do someone and ask "excuse me, could I take a picture of your mustache?" He obliged shortly after I explained why I was taking mustache photos, but the overall bizarre nature of my question stuck with me. That's why he's earned this #2 spot.

1: This guy, who's cosplaying as Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, has an entire body stache. It's not what's on his upper lip that counts, but he's all about showcasing that thing in blue sweatpants, a wife-beater shirt and a shaved head. If all mustachioed gents looked like this man, world peace would already exist.

We solute these ten people, and everyone else bearing a mustache at PAX.

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