Five Books Improved With Pokemon

By Alexander Bevier in Features
Monday, August 8, 2011 at 3:00 pm
We read a lot here at Joystick Division. It helps keep us aware of the literary brilliance around the world, and makes us better people all around. However, it's still easy to involve our gaming love into the world of letters.

Some fine people around the internet did the same thing with Pokemon, and they've managed to come up with some clever book titles with Pokemon added. And we appreciate these random internet people, so we post their work on the internet, despite the fact that we have no idea how to credit these people.

Thank you creators, whoever you are.
20,000 Ludicolos Under the Sea
The Jules Verne classic takes readers deep under the sea on a submarine voyage led by Captain Nemo. However, what he finds isn't a giant squid, but an army of amphibious pineapple-ducks called Ludicolo.

To Kill a Delibird
In the deep south, only Atticus Finch is the only man willing to defend a man physicly unable to commit the act he's accused of. Told through the eyes of a young girl, readers learn about the power and impact of prejudice. Oh! And a Delibird leaves stuff in the knothole instead of Boo Radley.

The Great Gastly
A young man moves back east and learns of high social class during the roaring 20's. During which time, there are countless literary allusions to his neighbor Gastly, and Gastly was dead the whole time. It's like The Sixth Sense, and we're sure that's what F. Scott Fitzgerald was watching while writing it.

The Catcher in the Raichu
JD Salinger's classic novel deals with complex themes of identity, maturity, and evolving through Thunder Stones. It'll also never be adapted into a film or play, but the book's fine.

The Winter's Tailow
"Exit, persued by an Urasring"
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