Resistance 3 Multiplayer Beta is Gun Crazy

By Rich Shivener in Previews/Impressions
Friday, August 12, 2011 at 5:00 pm
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Humans and chimeras still hate each other.
With crashes and patches aside, the Resistance 3 multiplayer beta is a beautiful depiction of an ugly, ugly war. Humans are once again fighting Chimeras, a horde of infected beings who dominate with their face-searing, high-tech weapons. Players side with one faction and loadout for "Team Deathmatch" and "Chain Reaction," a game of "capture the locations," if you will.

When I played the beta, I saw lots of hedgehog bombs, shrapnel grenades and shotgun blasts to the face. And much more.
Your starting loadout, "Survivor," consists of an M5a2 Carbine automatic machine gun, complete with one 40mm missile and a homemade shrapnel grenade; secondary items include the Ammo Beacon (refill) and Doppelganger, a decoy holograph offset from your position.

As is now tradition in multiplayer modes, players are rewarded with new upgrades as they gain experience points (XPs). In a few rounds, you can get such brutal weapons proton sniper rifle called Deadeye, and the Rossmore, a concussion-inducing shotgun. You can also get more secondary items, including the impressive Spotter, which helps you spot enemies and well as decoys on the radar.

With more experience points, which parlay into "skill points," you can create custom loadouts, mixing human and chimera weapons for maximum head hunting.

On the battlefields, my enemies favored the Rossmore and the Marksman, a long-range, semi-automatic rifle. They liked using such secondary items as the Doppelganger and bubble shield.

Very few fighters tried the melee attack (R3), perhaps because it's 1) anti-climactic and 2) the useless against the secondary item Lightning Shield. 

Of the two maps in the beta, "Trainyard" was my favorite. With advantageous high points and open windows, it's a sniper's dream, but there are plenty of hiding spots and nooks for those who prefer ground-level tactics. "Seaside" was more conducive to the latter as well as open firefights. I think this is why my fellow beta testers always picked this over Trainyard.

Compared the Resistance 2's multiplayer beta, the Resistance 3 beta seems richer, a step closer to reality. When I would run, the graphics wouldn't falter. Nor would they when I would shoot someone in the face from 50 meters out. They're HD, seemingly 3D without the need of glasses.

Here's hoping nothing in the multiplayer mode withers by Resistance 3's launch date, Sept. 6.
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