Minecraft Mastermind Has A New, Free Game

By James Hawkins in Gaming News, Indie Games
Tuesday, August 23, 2011 at 3:00 pm
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What do you call a hat that's not yours? Notch-o hat bahaha.
Mr. Notch, the guy who wholesale penned that brilliant Minecraft game, built a game in a few days and is letting good folks (like you, dear Divisionaries) try their hands at it freemiumly. It is called Prelude of the Chambered, and it looks pretty familiar.

I'll embed the link with a description on the other end of this blog -- just after the jump -- for those of you who are intrigued by little indie games and clever people. Hell, I'd be excited if I were you, because I've played Prelude, and take it from me, people, it is quite rich and very enthralling. Quite. Particularly for what it is.

The premise of the game is this: you are stuck in a prison, and you must collect tools and solve small puzzles to get unlocked from the box. It is filled with ghastly beings that will most certainly extend to you your demise if you aren't careful.

It is for your browser. And you can play it right here. Bear in mind, it can't hurt to support the little guys. Indie game development is so crucial, any support you can throw their way is a blessing.

This PSA brought to you by James Hawkins and Joystick Division.
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