Freeplay of the week: Forget-Me-Not

By Thorin Klosowski in Indie Games
Monday, August 29, 2011 at 2:00 pm

Brandon Williamson's Forget-Me-Not is easily one of the best games to have graced iOS so far, but those who don't own an Apple device haven't been able to see it for themselves. Until now, that is, because Williamson just released free versions for Mac and PC. Seriously, just go download it right now; it'll be well worth your time.

The core of the game takes on a role something akin to Pac-Man combined with a dungeon-crawler, where you have to wander around a small map, picking up pellets (or in this case, flowers). If you've played the iOS version, not much is different here, but the controls being mapped to keys instead of swipes certainly makes the experience a lot easier.

You'll move through a series of procedurally generated levels, always shooting, grinding against walls to create power-ups and picking up score multipliers to raise your high-score. The goal of each level is to eat all the flowers, get the key and get to the exit, but you'll also want to kill as many enemies as possible to keep your score high. It is, to say the least, arcade-nostalgia overload, but the it's just as addictive as any classic arcade game and will certainly eat up the bulk of your day.

As far as enhancements are concerned, the PC/Mac version gets an easier-to-use two-player mode, some tweaks, new enemies and, most importantly, full HD support. Seriously, Forget-Me-Not cranked up, full-screen on a 27-inch monitor is a sight to behold.

Look, you can find plenty of commentary and reviews about the iOS version out there, but considering this is a free download, you owe it to yourself to just pick it up. It's easily one of the most addictive games to be released this year.

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