Extra Credits Leaves the Escapist

By Alexander Bevier in Gaming News
Wednesday, August 10, 2011 at 2:00 pm
Extra Credits is one of the best web video series on the internet. The series discusses intelligently problems with game design in a way that makes sense, and approaches solutions that will better the industry. 

The show's had a home at the Escapist Magazine for about a year, but all that's changing. After a successful recent fund raiser to help the show's artist pay for surgery, things started to run sour for the show and their hosting website.
The Escapist was allegedly low on cash and Extra Credits' writer James Portnow held the fundraiser to help earn some cash. In fact, The Escapist was allegedly not paying the Extra Credits team at all, and Extra Credits hoped for a simple resolution for it all.

"We asked the guys at The Escapist if we could trade some of the debt they owed us for the rights to our intellectual property back if they weren't going to be able to pay us so we could do things like sell t-shirts or write a book," writes Portnow. "We thought this was going to be an easy discussion. Instead they responded by telling us that they felt that they were entitled to 75% of the Rockethub money, thus their debt was covered and, despite not paying us for nearly a year, we owed them $9500 dollars."

The following result over a month of legal battles is Extra Credits leaving the Escapist. The video series has decided to keep running on Youtube until a new home is found. Currently, Portnow is looking for a new gaming site to host the videos.

"I'd love to see this wrap up with everyone getting treated equitably and the Escapist being able to continue and prosper on a stronger footing. No one here wishes them harm, but it seems like they've been unfair to a lot of people for a long time; it's better for everyone, Escapist included, if we can all find a way to help change that."

We wish the best for Extra Credits and The Escapist. The web series is a fine video that is earnestly working to better the game industry. Here's hoping they find a new home soon.
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