Deadly Premonition Prequel, Sequel Planned (Among Other Things)

By James Hawkins in Rumor Column
Wednesday, August 24, 2011 at 12:00 pm
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I toyed with this headline for a while, guys. "Greatest News Ever!" "Best Day Of My Life!" "Pinch Me, I'm Dreaming!" were all initially competing for space. But I decided to let the headline remain unbiased. Now for the actual post. This is going to be quite a bit different, so consider yourself forewarned.

ARE YOU SHITTING ME? Swery65, AKA Hidetaka Suehiro, has announced his plans to bring fan + James Hawkins fave Deadly Premonition from pseudo-obscure budget standalone to full-fledged franchise. Which would be a really, really wonderful victory for the team that received an initial 2/10 from IGN (which instantly told me something about that mega-site). And an even bigger triumph for the fans that have been promoting, praising, and feeling the game so passionately since it released.

Swery says he wants to create a prequel that predates the events of Greenvale, as well as a sequel. Not to spoil anything, but this will be challenging, as Deadly Premonition is starkly, starkly closed-ended and there are very finite happenings to certain characters that would make story expansion difficult.

But there is the mythos that can remain in another tale. Probably most obviously in all this, it looks like Swery has plans for a special edition of DP, featuring at least better graphics. Which I'll certainly be purchasing. I bought three copies of Deadly Premonition because it gave me a better experience that almost every single full priced game on the market, and it deserved commensurate profits. I'll do that again in a heartbeat.

Lastly, and possible most concretely, Swery and his team at Access have a new story-driven title that they're shopping around, and if we consider the following that he and his team have gathered recently, there's a decent chance someone will buy off on it. And hopefully very, very soon.

All rumors, but very good rumors that warm me up.

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