We're Giving Away a PC Copy of Bastion - Contest

By Jeremy M. Zoss in Contest
Friday, August 19, 2011 at 12:00 pm
Win me!
​I recently started playing Bastion and it's super great (hmm... developed by Supergiant. Coincidence?). Anyway, we like this game. We like you. We think you'll like this game. 

So let's give a copy away!

We've got one Steam code for Bastion, and one of you fine folks gets to have it.

I'm going to make this contest super-simple for you, because I'm feeling generous. You've gotta do two things:

1. Share this contest on Facebook, Twitter, or a local telephone pole. Ya know, whatever gets the word out.

2. Leave a comment that's entertaining. That's it. Amuse us!

One lucky winner will be randomly chosen to win a PC copy of the game! The contest will run through Sunday at Midnight, CST. MAKE SURE WE CAN CONTACT YOU! Your comment profile allows you to add a Facebook, Twitter account or email that moderators can see. If we can't reach you, you're disqualified. Sorry!

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