5 Hilarious Angry Birds Mash-Up Videos

By Rich Shivener in Lists!
Monday, August 29, 2011 at 11:00 am
May the Force fly at you.
There's only one reason for creating this list. We've stumbled upon an incredibly cute battle between the Darth Vader and the Angry Birds. After lots of explosions, yelling and mouth breathing, one side is victorious. Or do they end in a draw? Can the Angry Birds really take down the Dark Side, as well as Adele, Mushroom Kingdom and Sonic?  

We answer that burning question in today's list of Angry Birds mash-up videos. 

5) Queen‬ vs. ‪Angry Birds‬:

This song mash-up so warrants a lyrical remix that might seem a little hostile: "We will, we will bomb you. Fling it!"

4) Adele vs. ‪Angry Birds‬:

Birds don't steal eggs; they steal hearts and souls. A wonderful parody from Barely Political's "The Key of Awesome" series.

3) Sonic ‬vs.‪ ‬Red ‪Angry Bird‬:

It's a given than Sonic has an advantage. He has power gloves, big feet and a serious head butt. Plus, unlike pigs, he's not stationery.

2) Mario ‬vs. Angry Birds:

The Angry Birds are powerless against the Mushroom Kingdom -- that is, until Mario inadvertently gives our heroes a small tip.

1) Star Wars‬ Vs. ‪Angry Birds‬:

We knew Darth Vader would someday anger Red and the gang. Look what happens when he does. It's an explosive battle, one created by kids at Koko's Activity Centre's Art & Science Summer Camp in Vancouver. Too cute.
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