Top 10 (Fake) Video Game Movie Trailers

By Ryan Winslett in Lists!, Videos
Friday, July 15, 2011 at 11:00 am
It's about to get real
It's no secret that movies based on video games are usually a pile of poop.


But fake movies based on video games? Well, that's an entirely different story.


While few fans go so far as to turn their favorite games into feature films, plenty have put in the effort to create some pretty phenomenal trailers for game movies that, sadly, will never actually exist.


Here are 10 of our favorite fake game movie trailers.


Pokemon: Apokelypse

The world is a darker place, Ash has lost his way and Pokemon have become little more than a means to make a quick buck in underground competitions. Find out what happens when the monster snatching franchise grows up and gets a little dirt under its nails.


The Legend of Zelda

This is one of those franchises I'm baffled still hasn't been ruined--I mean "turned into a movie." Find out what Hyrule would look like in the real world and witness the obligatory hero-suits-up scene as Link prepares to fight the forces of Gannon on the big screen.


The Oregon Trail

Of course The Oregon Trail should be turned into a movie. It's got trails, and Oregon, and...dysentery? Okay, so it would make a terrible movie. But at least Oregon Trail makes a great trailer full of nods to moments we can all recall from our computer time back in the elementary school library.


God of War

Of all the trailers on this list, this is probably the most convincing. The crew behind this trailer perfectly match the sound, mood and tone of a Wes Anderson film, complete with awkward characters and even more awkward moments. It's damn near perfect.


Angry Birds

While an actual Angry Birds movie is in development, I doubt it will end up anything like this goofy trailer. Get ready for action, adventure, blood and carnage when Angry Birds crashes into a theater near you.



When the town is overrun by ghosts, who you gonna call? Wrong! The answer is Pac-Man. Duh.


Inglourious Plummers

What would happen if Quintin Tarantino picked up the rights to the Super Mario Bros. franchise? Probably something like this.


Maniac Mansion

This is one of those games that might actually make for a fun film if it was handled by a competent team. Since that's never going to happen, you'll have to settle for this fan-made trailer of Maniac Mansion instead.



When the illusive Bomberman returns to wreak havoc across the city, only one cop has the knowhow to bring him to justice...Because he's a Bomberman, too. Dun-dun-duuun!



I would comment on how silly it is to think a movie about Minesweeper would ever be made but, then again, we might be getting a Space Invaders flick somewhere down the line. If they can make a movie about that game, they can make a movie about locating mines on the battlefield. (The Hurt Locker, anyone?)


Sadly, we can't embed this one, so here's a link to the trailer

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