The Internet Sucks in Space

By Ryan Winslett in Misc Nonsense
Thursday, July 7, 2011 at 10:00 am
Have they tried a hard line?
You would think any technology being used in space would be top of the line, right?

Not the case, apparently.


According to Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfiel, the internet connection they've got beaming up to the International Space Station isn't fast enough to play online video games. No online CoD? No StarCraft II?


What the hell are they doing up there, anyway?


This startling revelation comes from a recent Q&A reported by PC World. It actually all makes sense once you look at the numbers. Well, one number, really.


The ISS is traveling at about 17,896 miles per hour. At that speed, the earth-to-orbit connection gets understandably sketchy. According to Hadfiel, it's actually comparable to dial-up. Those poor, poor bastards.


The report goes on to highlight a possible fix, though. Apparently NASA's been working on some software-defined radios, which could provide a 100 magabit per second connection following further testing.


After that, all space station work will basically come to a grinding halt as astronauts turn to World of Warcraft and a startling number of Facebook status updates to pass the time.


"Had lunch with Hank today...In SPACE."

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