Cut The Rope Plush Toys Are Cuter Than We Can Handle

By Jeremy M. Zoss in Mobile
Monday, July 25, 2011 at 4:00 pm
​Cut The Rope isn't quite as huge of a mobile game as Angry Birds, but it's still quite the juggernaut in its own right. The puzzle game is one of those rare mobile titles that's popular enough to spawn merchandise, and the first licensed products based on the game are pretty darn adorable.

Behold the Cut The Rope plush toys, based on the game's mascot Om Nom.

Admit it, you kinda want one. 

The Om Nom plushies will be available in various sizes at sites like this one starting in October. There's really nothing else to say, so let's just hit you with another dose of cuteness.

So cute!
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