5 Video Games Your Cat Will (Try to) Play

By Rich Shivener in Lists!
Monday, July 11, 2011 at 11:00 am
Heathcliff hunts the iPad
See, there's my girlfriend's cat, staring intensely at the fish, bugs and pond water displayed on my iPad. He shows interest for a few seconds, and then he bothers me for Fancy Feast.

Heathcliff isn't really a tech-friendly cat, but plenty others are, and they're awfully adorable. They know how to play Angry Birds as well as laser, fish and mice-smacking video games for the iPad and Android devices. They've score thousands of views on YouTube.

And they've given us a chance to make what might be the cutest list ever. Dogs should be jealous.

5) Pocket Pond, played by Tiger:

Pocket Pond is more like a simulation than a video game. Your cat can smack the water, fish, mosquitoes and lily pads. Tiger seems like one of those cats that splashes water in his bowl. Our cat is just as guilty. I got him started here.

4) Game for Cats - Mouse, played by Ace and Candy:

Game for Cats has laser and mice games. The mice are fast, but not fast enough for a dynamic duo of Siberian cats. 

3) Game for Cats - Laser, played by an amazing kitty (from Russia?):

We don't know the name of this kitty (not named in the written description), but he's seriously incredible at the laser game.

Get Game for Cats here.

2) Purina® Friskies® Games for Cats, played by various cats:

This commercial shows "Tasty Treasure Hunt," "Party Mix-up" and "Cat Fishing," the most enjoyable of the three, as shown by felines purring all over YouTube. (Rocky rocks.) Find the games here.

1) Angry Birds, played by Loki:

Loki was launching fat birds at those pesky pigs and scoring well. According to the video, he learned the art of slingshotting by watching his owner for half an hour.  

Bonus! Iggy and iPad

Iggy and the iPad apps

YouTuber rautiocination has several videos featuring his cat, Iggy, playing iPad apps. Even Anderson Cooper finds this furball cute.

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