5 Awesome Dogs Playing Awesome Video Games

By Rich Shivener in Lists!
Monday, July 25, 2011 at 11:00 am
Who Wiis better?

The other week we brought you a list of cats playing games, so we'd be remiss if we skipped over videos of dogs doing the same. Actually, we'd be committing an animal bias crime worse than an episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter

Like those cats blowing up YouTube, dogs are equally adorable when they game, and as today's list shows, some have mastered Fruit Ninja and Wii Sports. Pardon the slobbering and gnawing on the iPad.

But are dogs better gamers than cats? Roll the highlights after the jump and leave your comments.

5) Hardy guards the Xbox 360 controller‬‏: 

 Hardy is a one-player kinda guy, or he's hooked on Xbox Live's Summer of Arcade. Funny - I still haven't found the PlayStation Move controller my beagle borrowed.

4) Skateboarding dog plays video game‬‏:

Fake or not, this bulldog eats half-pipes and ollies for breakfast. Tony Hawk should pick up the tab. 

3) Toast playing Fruit Ninja on the iPad:

Toast's sensei taught him well. He slices double-paw style and slobbers for critical combos. Next up, the way of the Veggie Samurai. 

2) Cute dog playing virtual soccer‬‏:

This terrier is chasing a soccer game on a Reactrix digital display. His dribbling's solid, but he needs to work on his shot, scouts say. World Cup, anyone?

1) Wii Dog Boxing: 

Affectionately called the Wii Dog, he takes gaming so seriously that he tapes remotes to his paws. Seems to help his sucker punch in Wii Boxing.

Bonus! Wii dog vs. Cleopatra‬‏: 

Wii Dog has home console advantage. Maybe that's why the cat keeps bitching.

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