Street Fighter IV Volt Released, Rewards Early Purchasers

By Alexander Bevier in Gaming News
Thursday, June 30, 2011 at 4:00 pm
Street Fighter IV Volt is the updated version of the iOS version of Street Fighter IV. It tightens up the few quibbles and qualms people had with the portable fighting game, and has added a few new toys to keep the overall game interesting. And guess what: it's out today.

And, for those really excited about buying the game today, they get it really cheap. Every day after release the price will increase by one dollar until it gets to the fixed price of $6.99.
The game is currently prices at $0.99 today. Tomorrow, July 1, the game will be $1.99. On the second, it will be $2.99; the third, $3.99; fourth, $4.99; fifth, $5.99; and then the game will remain $6.99 on the sixth. 

Street Fighter IV Volt also adds four new characters to the iOS roster, including Balrog, Cody, Vega, and Shin Akuma. If you liked the original game, it might be worth checking out. 

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