Resistance 3 Keeps Up the Good Fight - Hands-on

By Ryan Winslett in Hands-on, Previews/Impressions
Wednesday, June 15, 2011 at 9:00 am
Just keep shooting
If you picked up Battle: Los Angeles on Blu-ray yesterday, chances are you've already sunk your teeth into the Resistance 3 demo available on the disc.


I had the opportunity to get in some time with another R3 demo during last week's E3 event, so here's an idea of what you can expect from Insomniac's latest FPS.


While the recently released Battle: L.A. demo promises 30 minutes of story gameplay set on a tugboat, I had the opportunity to join a squad of civilian survivors as we tried to defend a small urban area from the oncoming Chimeran attack. The locale featured a set of three or four buildings with multiple entrances, stairs, holes to peek through and busted windows to shoot from.


While the game has certainly taken a step forward in the graphics department, the controls are basically exactly like Resistance 2. The notable difference is the presence of the much-missed weapons wheel. While it may break from reality (I mean, who can carry eight rifles at the same time?) the point of the wheel's return is clearly to allow for choice on the battlefield. As for me, I stuck with my trusty magnum and a Chimeran assault rifle.


Before we knew it, various types of Chimera were climbing and leaping over the fence, doing their best to get at our delicious human meat stuffs. Some ran at us head-on while other moved for cover or even went for higher ground to snipe from windows.


We cut down wave after wave of the pointy-toothed bastards until a big brute of a baddie decided to wreck the party. It was fun dodging his attacks while holding down on the trigger, but eventually he and his minions overwhelmed my rag tag group and it was game over.


As far as I could tell, no support options or "perks" were available yet, but that might have just been me not knowing the full extent of the controls. The game played fine as-is, but I'm really looking forward to seeing how things unfold once I've had a bit more time with the title.


For now, though, it's certainly a Resistance game. Whether or not that's a complement is up to how you felt about the previous two offerings.

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