Pokemon Type: Wild is a Brilliant Fan-Made Fighting Game

By Alexander Bevier in Gaming News
Wednesday, June 15, 2011 at 12:00 pm
Pokemon Type Wild.jpg
We love Pokemon. We love fighting games. We're not alone.

A Pokemon-themed fighting game is making its rounds through the internet, and we've felt the need to mention it because it's a delicious peanut butter cup of a game.

Pokemon Type: Wild was created by fans, and the game is available for free. We have a whopping six minute long video of the game being played, as well as a link to download the charming fighter.

Wasn't that awesome? We've seen Blaziken fighting a Snorlax, as well as a Blastoise and Lucario doing cool fighting stuff. Also, be sure to notice the Pikachu and Bibarel wandering around the background. Also, Snorlax's eyes are adorable when he gets attacked.

Download the game here.
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