Mass Effect 3 To Feature Cooperative Multiplayer?

By James Hawkins in Gaming News, Rumor Column
Friday, June 17, 2011 at 6:00 pm
The world of RPGs has been notoriously sluggish when it comes to crafting deep multiplayer experiences for the gamers that play them. For many players, the games represent personal journeys where they can create an icon on which they can project themselves and partake in a typically epic story. But the world of multiplayer is poorly represented. And BioWare wants to change that.

Though they continuously deny it, sources claim the Mass Effect developers are developing some cooperative play for Mass Effect 3. CVG and Eurogamer have strong stories -- of course featuring BioWare's vehement denials -- but the swirl of rumors indicates that Mass Effect 3 will have cooperative gameplay. I can flippin' feel it.

CVG, citing a nameless source, claims that ME3 will feature a few four-player cooperative maps for gamers to play repeatedly with their friends -- probably exclusively online. There will also likely be an assortment of competitive modes for players to enjoy, a fact that was partially outed as BioWare put out an APB for multiplayer developers last year.

Eurogamer has a story to corroborate this rumor, telling us that four-player cooperative play is a definite aspect of the upcoming title, and that BioWare is focusing on bringing a more robust experience to gamers. Not sacrificing any single-player narrative, but instead getting a leg up on what will inevitably become an industry trend.

We're excited about the possibility. To imagine a Mass Effect with a challenging Horde mode sounds like a dream. When this is (most likely) confirmed, we'll let you know. Check the game early next year.

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