Little Deviants Impresses on PlayStation Vita - Hands-on

By Ryan Winslett in Previews/Impressions
Tuesday, June 14, 2011 at 2:00 pm
little deviants cover.png
Little Deviants rolls onto the scene
Until E3, the only thing I knew about the PlayStation Vita title Little Deviants was that it was a game wherein you utilized the back touch pad to guide a ball toward its goal.


Color me surprised, then, when I found out that LD actually features more than 30 minigames, with the aforementioned ball-rolling only being one of them.


I got the chance to play three of these games during my Sony booth visit at E3. Find out why I'm so excited for this Vita launch title just after the break.


When a new console launches, there's usually a title or two specifically designed to show off what said new console can really do. Little Deviants looks to do exactly that for the PSV.

The three minigames I played each had vastly different control schemes and thus provided vastly different experiences.


First up was the ball rolling game. You simply use your finger to alter the terrain by touching the bottom touch pad. A hill forms wherever your finger touches, allowing you to push the ball toward its goal. Monsters and physical obstacles mean you have to be creative and time some rolls just right.


Next up was a tilt-to-guide title that had me leaning the Vita back and forth in order to guide my deviant down a network of tunnels. I needed to reach the bottom in a certain amount of time to save my fellow critters, all while grabbing as many stars as possible along the way. I can see going back to this one time and time again to shave seconds off my time while attempting to grab every star possible.


Little-Deviants body.jpg
Finally was a FPS turret game that makes use of the Vita's back camera and altered reality gameplay (seen above). The world around you serves as the game's world with robots and critters flying across the screen in 3D space. You can literally spin in a full circle or look up and down with this one. Your job is to shoot the bad guys and save the good guys. Bugs will appear every now and then to shoot slime on your screen, which must be quickly rubbed off using the front touchscreen if you want to be able to see. This title is similar to the AR games seen on the Nintendo 3DS, but the camera image is sharper and the creatures flying around on-screen are more detailed.


The fact that these are just three of the games available in the final version of Little Deviants has me itching to try out the rest. Each will also feature multiple levels, so don't think you're just going to be playing the same thing over and over again.


If you're looking for a title that will do a bang up job of showing off your new handhold to family and friends when the Vita releases later this year, Little Deviants is shaping up to be exactly that.

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