Extra Credits Artist Funds Surgery By Gracious Gaming Community

By Alexander Bevier in Game Talk/Community
Thursday, June 30, 2011 at 3:00 pm
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Allison Theus is the artist for The Escapist Magazine's video series, Extra Credits. Recently her career was in jeopardy. Her doctor told her she had a radial tear around her shoulder and would no longer be able to illustrate without surgery. In other words, she wouldn't be able to do her job anymore.

James Portnow--the series' writer--mentioned this on the Extra Credits Facebook page and Twitter feed. "I'm trying to scrape together everything I can, but EC has cost me a lot of money over this year," he wrote. Portnow also posted Theus' PayPal account, and started up a RocketHub to collect any donations and reward those who do. 

The game community came in, and served above and beyond the call of duty.
Initially, Theus thought she needed $15,000 for medical fees, but physical therapy and other costs doubled that number. Fortunately, the gaming community is fast with gratitude.

Portnow went out to get dinner, mulling over how to help Allison. Two hours later, he received a text message that the RocketHub has already reached $20,000, but the donation page doesn't officially close for another 58 days.

"I don't think I've ever been so impressed by humanity. Thank you all," writes Portnow.

Overnight, the RocketHub donation pages made it onto the site's front page. Theus already had enough to fund the surgery, and The Escapist only started to post ads on their own site. Portnow even got an email from RocketHub's creator about their success.

Pornow, Theus, and Extra Credits narrator/editor Daniel Floyd have been beyond gracious  and thankful about this whole event. The team will be using any extra funds for a gaming/community-benefiting event, but it's final product is still up for debate. 

"Allison says thanks again. I really don't think I've heard her this happy even when her arm was in its socket," wrote Portnow.

The game community did a great thing helping Allison. Extra Credits is one of the better video series on the internet and seeing the financial support for it is really encouraging. Give yourself a pat on the back, gamers.
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