Tecmo Bowl Throwback Tackles The iOS

By James Hawkins in Gaming News
Friday, May 27, 2011 at 4:00 pm
tecmobowlthrowbackios (250 x 151).jpg
Hey, there's a punny headline for ya. And, even better, it is the revelation of good news for sports fans, and owners of devices that contain the iOS. Tecmo Bowl Throwback is making the jump from Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network into our hands. We can now play an outlandishly over-the-top classic on our iProducts.

Except that the game will cost a steep $7.99, and features no online elements. That does indeed suck. But Tecmo Bowl is something we've all loved in the past. I've been macking on NBA Jam for the past three weeks on my iPhone, and it has been magnificent, so this new throwback game will need to be seriously good for me to make the jump. Speaking of jumps, why don't you bunny hop past this link and we can round out some more info on this bad boy?

The game will feature all 28 teams, in both Preseason and Regular Season modes. It will also have 2 divisional All-Star teams that players can build and use to battle head-to-head. Sounds like fun? Why, yes it does. But for $8 macaroons, those modes will need to be totally robust and that gameplay had better be as fluid as Adrian Peterson's hips as he cuts through a gap in the line. Yum. You can literally buy this today. Have fun.
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