"Paper Cuts" Shows Off Creative Gaming Art

By Ryan Winslett in Fan Art
Tuesday, May 31, 2011 at 1:00 pm
The brothers Mario
Pop culture fiend Olly Moss has created a one-of-a kind collection of shadow portraits pretty much everyone in the world needs to check out.


His creations are extremely varied, pulling from Television and movies to comics and video games. All the extra details and some of our favorite game-related works can be found right after the break.


Moss' ingenious collection is entitled "Paper Cuts," and can be found on his Blogspot site. Despite multiple requests in the comments section, there's still no word on if any of these pieces are, or will be, for sale.


Paper Cuts features everything from Batman to The Dude, a Dalek from Dr. Who to Hook's Rufio. And, yep, there are multiple video game characters as well.


None of the pieces are actually titled, so part of the fun is figuring out who each of the figures is. We imagine you won't have any trouble with those included below.











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