Maniac Mansion Getting An Awesome Remake

By James Hawkins in Indie Games
Thursday, May 26, 2011 at 6:00 pm
IndieGames is reporting that a German group of developers is remaking Maniac Mansion. If you are a child of the 1990s, you may not know what that game is. It's a graphical adventure by LucasFilm (now, LucasArts) that set the foundations for many great graphical adventures. And ze Germans plan on distributing it to the world for free.

Called Edison Interactive, these guys have a whole website dedicated to the game. Remixed music, news, and information on the update can be found there. For a bit more information from us, hit the link.

The 1987 classic will be given some updated graphics, in addition to being totally rebuilt from scratch. Now, it'll still look very early 1990s, but that really only adds to the charm of it all. They say it is made in the image of Day of the Tentacle. And it will be retitled Night of the Meteor. Probably for legal reasons. But, actually that's a cooler name anyway, so I say they stick with it.

Anyhow, if you missed the game originally, this will be a great opportunity to relive it. You'll be able to support an organic movement to freshen up a classic part of gaming, which is pretty important, at least in our eyes. We'll keep you posted on when it is released. Hopefully, that news will come soon.

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