Free play of the week: Gunroad

By Thorin Klosowski in Indie Games
Monday, May 23, 2011 at 2:00 pm

Gunroad might look familiar to anyone who spent the bulk of their time in arcades back in the '80s, but where Gunroad lacks in innovation, it makes it up for in ridiculous, over-the-top gameplay that takes the feel of arcade light-gun shooters and put in on you computer. Well, that, and scantily clad anime chicks exploding with excessive violence.

The controls are pretty simple and self-explanatory: left mouse button shoots, right button drops bombs. Reloading happens automatically since it's not possible to point your gun off-screen and like most games of this type you'll be able to shoot med-kits and candy bars to get health.

You'll play through four different sections with different boss fights. Each time you'll be killing hundreds of thousands of latex-clad woman in gruesome ways by moving the mouse around. There's probably some statement about misogyny that could be made, but Gunroad is so damn ridiculous its hard to imagine taking it seriously at all. The light-gun mechanic actually works really well with a mouse and feels surprisingly good to use.

While nostalgia has pushed through a billion different platformers, this is one of very few scrolling shooters, which is a nice change of pace. Of course, if you didn't waste a pocketful of quarters on Operation Wolf back in your youth, you might not quite appreciate Gunroad as much as anyone who did.

In case you can't comprehend the download page, there are two different files. The first one is for full-screen, the second is for a windowed mode. That's because the full-screen mode is a bit funky and doesn't work on a few different video cards -- if you want to play without trouble, just snag the windowed version.

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