Duke Nudem Flash Game Is Exactly What Tit, I Mean It, Sounds Like

By James Hawkins in Humor, Indie Games
Wednesday, May 18, 2011 at 4:00 pm
Duke_Nukem_Forever (250 x 186).jpg
What we have for you today is a piece of unconventional marketing. It is brought to the world by Boob Tube (a tube dedicated to, obviously, female boobs), and features Duke Nukem themes all up in it. It is called Duke Nudem (cleverish), and it is a game of strip shooting. Yes, it's like strip poker, except you shoot stuff. Shoot a target, see a boob, you get it.

The game, which I will link you to momentarily, has two versions -- a wonderful NSFW version (full mammary action) and a less wonderful but still wonderful SFW version that covers up said mamms. Anywho, to the next page!

Boob Tube's site will link you to pretty much everything you need to experience Duke Nukem Forever. You can pre-order the title, as well as check out its PR page and the full official site. Okay, have you waited long enough?! Do you wanna play it?!

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