Disney Universe Brings The Charm with Lego Sensibilities

By Alexander Bevier in Gaming News
Friday, May 27, 2011 at 1:00 pm
We really like Disney. We also really like playing games with our families. Fortunately, Disney realizes this and is making a family-friendly game for us to play. 

Disney Universe takes gameplay similar to the Lego games, but with the kind of magic only seen in Anaheim or Orlando. The game takes four blue characters, dresses them up like Disney (and Pixar) characters and sends them on their own magical journey. It's sure to make dreams come true*.
There are allegedly 30 different costumes planned for the game, but only Tron, Mike (from Monsters Inc.), Stitch, and Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) are currently announced. We're sure more will be announced at E3. The game will also feature levels based on six Disney worlds.

Disney Universe is planed for a fall release.

*Okay. I admit it. I really like Disney and all of its cliches.
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