The Top 5 Wacky Baseball Video Games

By Rich Shivener in Lists!
Monday, April 25, 2011 at 11:00 am
Ninja Baseball Bat Man kicks ace.

We're in the thick of the MLB season, when our teams muscle through what feels like a million games. At the same time, we're playing in a fantasy league and slugging out match ups in MLB 11 The Show or another video game that's one inning away from reality.

Sounds stressful, unlike alternative baseball video games, which have been gracing the market since the late 80s. What are the rules? There are no rules! They throw out foul balls, feature robots and even take baseball to the golf course.

Step up to the plate as we countdown five titles wackier than others.
5) MLB Superstars:

In gameplay designed for budding gamers, Major League superstars step outside the stadium for wacky challenges such as Baseball Golf and Whack a Wall, or a battle against Fenway Park's epic Green Monster. The Snack Cannon is a tasty appetizer.

4) Super Baseball 2020:

We're nine years away from 2020, and who know if we'll have performance-enhancing robotics like these. On this futuristic playing field, hitters teleport to the strike zone, field have jetpacks, and the stadium looks like an egg. Still, scoring is easy, but beware - if you score more than 100 runs, you start at zero. Machines aren't perfect.

3) Baseball Simulator 1.000:

This baseball game is a bit more fantastic than Super Baseball 2020. As an "ultra" pitcher, you can throw 120-MPH fastball, thunder and bomb balls. Batters are armed with earthquakes and missiles. Too weird? You can play normal games.

2) Ninja Baseball Bat Man:

A smash hit in Japan, Ninja Baseball Bat Man is a classic beat-'em-up that follows four robot-like sluggers trying to recover items from a baseball hall of fame. Beanball Roger has a mean piledriver, but those screen-clearing cheerleaders are downright ruthless.

1) Base Wars:

Preceding Super Baseball 2020, Base Wars imagines a world where humanoids ball players - weaklings! - have been replaced by brawny robots. They're tank and motorcycle hybrids that aren't afraid to fight for a base. If your bots smash up enough enemies, you can win by default. Best let alone the steroids subject. 

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