10 PSP Gems You May Have Missed

By Ryan Winslett in Lists!
Friday, April 22, 2011 at 11:00 am
Still some fun to be had
With Sony expected to reveal more info on its upcoming Next Generation Portable at E3 in June, we're likely to see the older PSP models drop in price at some point in the not-too-distant future.


With a more appealing price tag, this could mean a whole new generation of PSP gamers are about to dive into the console for the first time.


While games from the Resistance, God of War, Killzone and Final Fantasy series are likely to top most newcomers' must-play lists, there are quite a few hidden gems that call the PSP home, and it would be a shame for folks (new and old) to miss out.


Check out some of the best after the break.



​Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

One of my favorite games of all time, Valkyrie Profile received a fantastic update back in 2006 with Lenneth, making the epic RPG adventure playable on the PSP with a widescreen presentation, crisper graphics and all the gameplay features that made the PlayStation original such a fantastic experience.


There are dozens of party members to recruit and (in an interesting twist) they are all recently deceased, making for some particularly potent storytelling. The maps require some light platforming and the battle system is a unique timed sequence that has you combining attacks and abilities to deal the most damage.




One of the PSP's top puzzle games, Crush is a unique take on the genre that saw the player navigating a 3D world, positioning their character properly, then "crushing" the landscape to solve puzzles and reach hidden items in a 2D setting. You can move the world in and out of 3D with ease, making for some really creative environments that will require some serious brain twisting in order to find everything the game has to offer.



​Jeanne d'Arc

If you were to take the combat of Final Fantasy Tactics and mix it with the charming characters and worlds of Level 5's games, as well as a bit of actual history, you might come up with something like Jeanne d'Arc. A gripping story, intriguing characters, loads of customization and a few new takes on the grid-based combat system make Jeanne d'Arc one of the finest strategy roleplaying games on the market, no matter what console you're playing on.



dracula x.jpg
​Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles

If you're in the mood for some whip-cracking action, Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles is one of the best bargains out there. This PSP game features three titles including Rondo of Blood with a fresh coat of paint and music, the original version of the game, as well as the classic Symphony of the Night. For fans of the series, you really can't pass this one up.



​The Warriors

Just as the original The Warriors video game went mostly unnoticed on last gen consoles, the PSP version of this stellar Rockstar title suffered a similar fate. Think GTA, but set in the world of The Warriors with a big map to explore, several characters to play as, a solid fighting engine that's way more than simply kicking and punching, and loads of missions to complete that have you roughing up rival gangs, outrunning the cops, spray painting your rivals' turf and the like. It looks good, it sounds good, and there's a lot of quality content crammed onto this tiny disc.



arctic edge.jpg
otorStorm: Arctic Edge

While most know the MotorStorm series for its PS3 arcade racers, many forget that a blizzard-infused entry made its way to the PSP about a year ago, standing tall alongside its console counterparts. There's loads of vehicles to choose from, dozens of single player races to tackle, deep customization options and even the ability to take the insane racing action online. When it comes to racing on the go, Arctic Edge is one of the best motors running.



silent hill origins.jpg
​Silent Hill: Origins

Similar to MotorStorm: Arctic Edge, most forget that a solid Silent Hill game made its way to the portable market back in 2007. While the latest console Silent Hills haven't been received by series fans all that warmly, Origins does a great job of capturing all the thrills and chills of the haunting series, especially if played in the dark and with headphones on. Origins looks great, it sounds even better and proves that survival horror can absolutely be achieved on a portable system.



dead head fred.jpg
​Dead Head Fred

Fred is dead. Fred wants his head back. Thankfully, there's plenty of other heads lying around this game's dark and humorous world, just waiting to give Fred all sorts of wonderful powers in this action adventure game for the PSP. John C. McGinley's hilarious voice work as the titular character and engaging noir storytelling make Dead Head Fred a real treat no PSP owner should pass up.




One of the PSP's best action games features one of its smallest heroes. Daxter takes place following Jak and Daxter 2, with the taller main character currently behind bars. While Jak is away, Daxter has to take on the role of the hero in order to save Haven City from loads of bugs. I promise it's way more action packed than that probably sounded. The controls are great, the game looks fantastic on the PSPs screen and, really, Daxter is every bit as much fun as its console counterparts.




Basically a PSP Mini before they existed, Beats can be purchased on the PlayStation network for just a couple bucks and, in exchange, you'll get hours of rhythm-based gameplay to keep you tapping buttons to the beat into the wee hours of the morning. With loads of colorful themes to explore and a healthy list of songs to pick from, the real joy of Beats is playing to the tunes you have loaded on your memory stick. The game scans the file and applies its timing gameplay accordingly, meaning Beats is only limited by the number of songs you can cram onto your Pro Duo.

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