'The Final, Final Fantasy' Musical Casts Its Spell

By Rich Shivener in Misc Nonsense
Monday, March 21, 2011 at 5:00 pm
Imagine Final Fantasy on Broadway.
Remember Zidane's sword fight in Final Fantasy IX? How about when Yuffie steals your Materia in Final Fantasy VII?  Remember Hope annoying you in Final Fantasy XIII?

Debuting Saturday at the Animation and Gaming Ohio 2011 convention, "The Final, Final Fantasy" revisited those characters and much more. It wasn't Broadway, of course, but musicals have to start somewhere, right?

The musical was produced by Javier Guevara, Jason Taylor, Amy Skelton and other A & G staff.

See our clips after the jump.

[Note: I caught these on a little Powershot. Fun stuff! Click on the video and select HD if you want it.]

The intro vid might be the catchiest tune in the whole musical.

Check out the famed sword fight and other nonsense.

We caught King Kefka's solo song - scary!

Finally, we also caught Rude and Reno vs. Hope and Balthier, and a little "Santeria" from Zorn and Thorn.

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