5 Irish Badasses in Video Games

By Rich Shivener in Lists!
Monday, March 14, 2011 at 11:00 am
Dan Smith takes shots - at you.
If you're getting drunk on kegs and eggs Thursday morning (is it really a question?), complete your breakfast with a side of video games featuring some stronger-than-whiskey characters. Irish or Irish American, they've survived world wars, bank jobs, car bombs assassinations and death tournaments, among other madness.

And as such, they're badasses - for better or for worse.

Today we look at five characters we might be scared to have a pint with. Shots, anyone?
5) Fallout 3 - Colin Moriarty hires hitmen:

More asshole than badass, Moriarty makes a semi-honest living as a saloon owner/crime boss in the post-apocalyptic Megaton. He cons our wanderer into giving up 100 caps (funding) or assassinating a junkie in exchange for what seems like vital information. The calm in his voice ... isn't it a little creepy?

4) Killer7 - Dan Smith has a Demon Gun

The ailing Harman Smith (and others, ahem) have seven proxies carrying out assassinations, and his sense of multiculturalism leads him to Irish-American Dan Smith, a former Detroit officer now equipped with the all-powerful "Demon Gun." In this scene, Smith exacts revenge on Curtis Blackburn, a fellow officer guilty of murder and organ trafficking. Tense, tense, tense. The stand-off requires patience and a quick shot once the bird flies.

3) Grand Theft Auto IV - Patrick McReary has luck of the Irish:

Of the two Americans in this list, Packie embraces his Irish descent, as evidenced by his drunken rendition of "Danny Boy." He has more street smarts, although a major bank heist with his brother and Niko Bellic does go awry. Still, if you get on Packie's good side, he delivers car bombs.

2) Tekken 6 - Nina Williams whips her sister and everyone else:

An assassin mixing up martial arts, Nina Williams in indeed one of the most formidable fighters in Tekken 6, having entered every Tekken tournament and the spin-off Death by Degrees. But there's a burning question: Is she better than her younger sister, Anna? Apparently so. Her combo moves are hot.

1) The Saboteur - Sean Devlin stealth kills a Nazi general:

The Nazis cheated Devlin in more than one way, and now he's exacting revenge as The Saboteur. As his moniker suggests, he offs the bad guys occupying Paris circa World War II by using car bombs, stealth and muscle. A bloody mess - so messy we have to show you more of Devlin's kills honoring the French Resistance.

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