The Xbox 360 Joystick Made From An Xbox 360

By Jeremy M. Zoss in GearFest
Wednesday, February 23, 2011 at 10:00 am
xbox joysticks.jpg
Never seen and Xbox 360 joystick like this one before
​When we put out the call for pictures of readers' gaming setups (which we still want, by the way), Morris Umali not only sent us photos of his setup, he passed along some custom controllers he built. And they're far too cool not to share with the rest of you.

Morris actually used a dead Xbox 360 to build a custom Xbox 360 controller. He also used another dead Xbox to build a PS3 controller, which seems like the start of some horror movie about an evil hybrid gaming machine. But hey, that's still awesome. 

Morris documented the process of creating his controllers in shocking detail in this forum posting right here. We won't rehash the whole thing here, rather just give you another taste of what these bad boys look like and a brief shopping list of what you'll need if you try to take on a similar project.

Here's the list of what Morris used to build his Frankenstein-ian creations:

* Drill + 3mm, 4mm + 5mm drill bits.
* 30mm holesaw + 22mm holesaw
* Soldering iron, solder, solder sucker, heatshrink
* cutting knife
* my trusty console toolkit with Xbox 360 case opening tool
* 3mm screws
* PCB case feet
* 6x 30mm Seimitsu clear-top screw-in buttons in appropriate colours (I'll explain my choice)
* 1x Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT joystick with mounting plate, joystick wire harness and Seimitsu clear bubble top
* 2x Sanwa 20mm SDM-20 snap-in button
* PS3/PS2/PC board already pre-wired (no longer available unfortunately)
* Dead Xbox 360
* 8mm diameter magnets
* hot glue gun
* wire strippers/cutters
* Tin snips

PCB, PCB case feet, joystick and buttons from in2amusements in Perth
Tools from Jaycar & Bunnings

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