Angry Birds Being Made into Animated Series

By Ryan Winslett in Gaming News
Thursday, January 20, 2011 at 8:00 am
Oh, like you wouldn't watch it, right?
There's no denying that Angry Birds has become something of a phenomenon. After dominating app stores for mobile gamers, making its way to consoles as a PlayStation Mini and even landing a tabletop board game deal, it should surprise no one that the cute and zany bird-flinging action is now primed to become an animated show.


I'm not sure what types of storylines can be built out of mean piggies stealing a bunch of eggs and a flock of kamikaze birds seeking revenge, but that's for wiser men than I to figure out.


According to a report from The New Yorker, the Finnish company responsible for making the original Angry Birds App, Rovio, are set to produce the animated show for either television or the internet.


Rovio CEO Mikael Hed was quoted as saying the creation of such a program has been in the works for quite a while, becoming a huge focus for the company.


The Angry Birds App has been downloaded more than 50 million times, so chances are there is actually an audience out there for the show. As for now, Hed said Rovio is moving forward with production, so we could all be clambering down the stairs in our PJs every Saturday morning later this year to tune in to the first show based on a mobile game. As for what to do during those annoying commercial breaks, I'm sure you'll think of something. (Play more Angry Birds?)


Now, show me a 14-year-old kid who can make his own animated television show based on a game he designed and I'll really be impressed.

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