Playboy Models Get Tron Makeover (Totally NSFW)

By James Hawkins in Misc Nonsense
Tuesday, December 14, 2010 at 9:00 am
tron-chick-salemburn (250 x 166).jpg
As you can assume, writing content for this article is tough. I mean, the title pretty much speaks for itself: we've got some hot chicks, posing for a photo-shoot, wearing only digitalized patterns and some little clothings. Sometimes their naughty bits show. And that's about it.

But, it is my duty as a writer to fill the empty white space with letters and punctuation, so I'll try to deliver. If you click the jump, I promise to provide you with some background and information that you'll definitely want. Nay... that you'll definitely need. So hit the jump already, would ya?!

The models in Playboy's "Game On" spread are Irina Voronina (blond) and Sasckya Porto (brunette). This expose, which is to hype the TRON: Legacy film, is one of the few professional video game-themed photo-shoots we get to see. Now, I've provided a preview picture to pique you interests, but you got to go to the Playboy website for the whole thing.

Enjoy it. And also, there are authentic lightcycles in some of the pictures. You know, in case you were distracted by, um, something.

tron_playboy (570 x 554).jpg

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