I Am Playr Offers First-Person Soccer

By Alexander Bevier in Gaming News
Thursday, December 2, 2010 at 4:00 pm
Games played in the first-person perspective are the mainstay of a hardcore gamer's diet. From shooters to Bethesda RPGs to parkour, it has helped tell amazing stories and given birth to incredible experiences.

But want to know what he haven't experienced from first-person? The thrill of kicking a ball into a net. That's right. Video games just went first-person soccer in I Am Playr.
I Am Playr takes modern simulation concepts like stat building, but it also features full-motion videos like early games on CD - you know, because FMV games are the quality apex in the video game industry's library.

Played on Facebook, the game will allegedly let players "become fully-immersed in the beautiful game on the pitch, but also be responsible for every training and lifestyle decision your character makes off the pitch."

We R Interactive, the company behind the game has managed to get Nike to sponsor the games, and also managed to get soccer legend Terry Sherringham as a character in the game. 

There are three upcoming events to promote the I Am Playr, and beta opportunities will be available there. It could be interesting, but the FMV novelty will probably wear thin.

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