8 Unforgettable Video Game Sex Scenes [Super-NSFW]

By Rich Shivener in Lists!
Monday, December 6, 2010 at 10:00 am
Button mashing takes a new meaning in sex scenes
Mondays suck, right? Well, you've clicked, and we've delivered with a steamy list of sex scenes in video games. As you hardcore gamers know, some scenes are interactive until the last push (of the button, that is), while others feature clever angles and cutaways, no doubt getting censors all hot and bothered. 

Of course, we're probably missing some of your faves out there. Tell us what gets you .... ah, hell, just click!

8) Fear Effect 2 - The Elevator

Hana and Rain know they're babes, and they know those guards are sweating about all their suspicious (ahem) activity.

Notable line: "What tactic? Shall we continue?"

7) Conker's Bad Fur Day - The Sunflower

Not too many squirrels bounce on a sunflower's giant breasts and score a handful of cash. In this scene, Conker's the wingman for ole King Bee.

Notable line: "There's a guy over there. He said he wants to ... not quite sure, pollinate you?"

6) Custer's Revenge - The Revenge?

This is game developer Mystique's controversy magnet, indeed, because of General George Custer's goal in the game. Discuss, discuss! This is just one title from a series for Atari 2600.

Notable line: N/A. But someone on YouTube says: "where in the world would you get a game like this? from a sex shop?"

5) Mass Effect 2 - 'Massive Effects'

Like Dragon Age: Origins, the Mass Effect games show all that aching, sexual tension among characters, including Miranda, Commander Shepard and Thane Krios - yes, Thane Krios, who is some kind of fish-thing. Those quick, naughty cutscenes usually follow a series of carefully chosen lines from a player's character.

Notable line: "I've cleaned the engine room ... be there in five minutes."

4) Heavy Rain - The Dark Bedroom

We see lots of Madison in Heavy Rain, catching even a strip scene in which she snubs a thug. This - this is a true passion, though, and it's interactive. Anyone tried this with the Move?

Notable line: Those sweet little nothings amount to something.

3) Dragon Age: Origins - The Tent

Lesbian-flavored sex scenes are teeming in video games, but a scene featuring two men is a rare showing. This one features a Warden and Elf Zevran. As you can see, Zevran has a sharp tongue.

Notable line: "Is there something in your tent that needs ... assassinating?"

2) GTA: San Andreas - The Hot Coffee

The most notorious video game sex scene of all time didn't actually appear in the game - unless you knew how to unlock it. Nevertheless, this "deleted" content was seen by many, many, maaaaany gamers. The minigame mod gets "CJ" so riled up, he forgets to take his pants off. Keyword: "Excitement."

Notable line: "Yeah!"

1) God of War III - Aphrodite's Bed

While we don't see any of Kratos' divine parts, the wildly suggestive dialogue and swinging breasts account for one sexy time in Aphrodite's chambers.

Notable line: "Do you know how long it's been since a real man has come into my chambers?"

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