10 Terrible Gifts For Gamers

By Jeremy M. Zoss in Lists!
Wednesday, December 22, 2010 at 11:00 am
​There were a lot of really great games this year, so if you've got a gamer in your life, there's probably an easy Christmas present for him or her. And if you're a really last minute shopper, we'll have our list of the best games of the year for you tomorrow.

Until then, here's a list of 10 gifts to avoid at all costs.

No, this isn't a list of the worst games of the year. That's a conversation for a different time. Rather, this is a list of the worst game-related junk out there, stuff that no gamer in their right mind would want. 

Consider this a public service. We're here to help!

10. Wii Slip Proof Gloves


They're gloves. For holding a Wii Remote. You might as well tell your gamer friend that he shouldn't leave the house without a helmet.

9. UMD Movies

We know you think it isn't possible to own too many copies of Hollow Man, and we understand your devotion to the greatness that is Kevin Bacon. But the format has been teetering on the edge of death for years, largely because they cost more than DVDs and look way worse.

8. Strategy Guides

MOH guide.jpg
"Here you go, son. I'm confident that you can't do it on your own." 

7. Off-brand game console

wii knock off.jpg
Maybe they won't notice. Yeah, they will. Sadly, this thing has better graphics than the real Wii.

6. Glowy controller case

xbox cover.jpg
If you actually legitimately need a silicon controller cover, then why would you pick one that glows in the dark? The Doritos crumbs are going to block all the light anyway.

5. Cyberbike
Buying this gift for your significant other is a sure sign that the relationship won't work out. It's like saying "Baby, I think you're getting fat, but you're totally not worth spending the money on real exercise equipment. Enjoy!"

4. The Kinect Boat

It's a boat. That you jump on while playing Kinect Adventures. That's it. Think about how absurd that is. Nobody, and we mean nobody, actually plays Kinect Adventures

3. Best Buy's Console Setup Service

console setup.jpg
"Once these nice men show you how to turn your console on, make sure you consult your strategy guide before you play. And don't forget your non-slip gloves!"

2. Super Mario Bandages

"Its-a me, Mario! Putt-a me on-na your sores!"

1. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider on HD-DVD

tomb raider HDDVD.jpg
Nothing says "I don't give a shit about you" more than a crappy gaming movie on a dead home video format. Coincidentally, this would also be our #1 pick for best White Elephant gift of all time. 

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