The Ten Best Video Game Costumes Of All Time

By James Hawkins in Lists!
Thursday, October 14, 2010 at 10:00 am
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The Ten Costumes
There is a large subculture within the video game community that likes to dress up as their favorite video game characters. Many are silly, or poorly constructed, or just wrong -- occasionally, though, we get to see some amazing works of artistry and dedication in the costumes. As Halloween approaches, we're taking a look at some of the best video games costumes circling the internet.

Now, we've included model shots in with the great cosplayers, to make sure the pictures you see are the best of the best. Here's the top ten best costumes of all time. Please enjoy!

cosplay_lara_croft_by_illyne (375 x 454).jpg

10. Lara Croft
Tomb Raider

Not only is this Lara Croft costume-wearer incredibly hot, she actually manages to look like Ms. Croft. The realistic guns are a nice touch, as are the short-shorts and top and nice bo...okay, well she pretty much nailed it. She can raid our collective tomb any time.

Tifa_Cosplay_by_cal2588 (360 x 480).jpg
9. Tifa Lockhart
Final Fantasy VII

To be fair, the Tifa Lockhart costume is one of the easiest to create. Little tank top? Check. Black skirt? Check. Thin suspenders? Check. Weird gloves? Check. All very simple. But we give this girl major kudos for her costume because she looks exactly like Tifa Lockhart. We're glad she took note of the resemblance and decided to cosplay. The world is all the better for it.

gears-of-war (350 x 471).jpg
8. Marcus Fenix
Gears of War

Marcus Fenix is, in virtual reality, a much larger gentleman than this guy. But this cosplayer deserves tons of props for getting the armor and lancer correct. The chainsaw-imbued assault rifle is likely store-bought, but it ties together the outfit very nicely. And the blood spatter -- that's a great touch.

helghast (300 x 450).jpg
7. Helghast

If you've ever been to PAX, you've likely seen some Helghast walking around between the booths. They are usually in incredibly intricate costumes, very faithful to the Killzone games. But popularity doesn't tarnish the impression we get from these guys. This costume must've taken hours to build, and the effort has really paid off.

PrincessZelda (570 x 386).jpg
6. Princess Zelda
Legend of Zelda

We have seen a lot of Legend of Zelda cosplays in the past -- most of them being either super sexy or horribly embarrassing. This lady manages to pull off a faithful, beautiful Princess Zelda. This is a shining example of what a Zelda cosplay should look like. Take notes. No more of this.

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